April 16, 2021

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Bone Conduction Headphones,Bluetooth Headphones for Sports,Open Ear Wireless Earbuds,Two Charging Modes,Night Running Flash Lights,IP55 Waterproof,Touch Control & Built-in Mic,Black

Price: $59.99
(as of Apr 08,2021 14:42:45 UTC – Details)

Product Description

G84 DacomG84 Dacom

specially for outdoor sportsspecially for outdoor sports

Whatever you are running,cycling or doing other outdoors sports,bone conduction technology and open-ear design allow you to enjoy music

while being alert to your surroundings.

G84 vs traditional productsG84 vs traditional products

Dacom G84 compared with traditional bone conduction headphones

-more lightly and comfy

-can be used separately,more free

-longer playtime

G84 flash lightsG84 flash lights

G84 true or fakeG84 true or fake

1.Connect the headphone to your phone and turn on the music. Place the bone conduction sound unit area against the cheekbone near the ear.

2.Cover your ear with your finger or soundproof earplug.If you can still hear the music clearly,that’s the true bone conduction headphone,if you can not hear the music clearly anymore,that’s the fake!Because your finger or earplug cut off the air-borne music into your ear.

3.When you loosen your finger or take off the earplug,the sound of real bone conduction becomes less loud because noise in the air into your ear which interferes the music produced by bone conduction.

operating instruction

operating instruction

G84 Bluetooth connection

G84 Bluetooth connection

Product content

Product content

Click the MFB button to answer/reject the call/play/pause.
Double click the left MFB button to previous song/language switch(under TWS pairing state).
Double click the right MFB button to next song/language switch(under TWS pairing state).
Click and hold the MFB button for 2 seconds to reject the call/voice assistant.

1.Take both of the earbuds out of the case and take off the insulating film from the charging contact point.

2.After they paired with each other,select “BoneBuds” on your phone when you using it for the first time.

3.When you use it again,It will connect to the last paired device automatically.

Product contains:

Charging Case * 1
Charging Base * 1
Earbud * 1 pair
USB Cable * 1
Ear Cap * 2 pairs
Manual * 1

[BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY]Bone conduction earbud doesn’t need to be in the ear,it delivers music through the cheekbone instead of airborne,so there is hardly any damage to the eardrum and more health and cleaner.Unlike traditional earbuds can be painful if wearing for too long.
[OPEN EAR DESIGNED & FLASH LIGHTS]Dacom G84 wireless earbuds is specially suitable for outdoor activities.The open ear design helps you to always aware of your surroundings and the flash lights serves as a warning when you are in the dark.If you like outdoor sports,Dacom G84 is your best partner.
[TWO CHARGING MODES & MORE CONVENIENT]Different from traditional bone conduction headphones which not convenient to charge and store,G84 has two charging modes.You can use the charging case charge or store the headphones when outdoors.An extra charging base can be placed indoors,you can charging the headphone conveniently and quickly.
[HEALTHY VOLUME SETTING]Bone conduction technology produces sound through vibration,that means a louder sound is accompanied by a stronger vibration which can causes dizziness if wearing for a long time. Dacom G84 set a reasonable volume and vibration range for the sake of your health and experience,so the volume of G84 is smaller than traditional headphones,just adjust the appropriate volume when using.
[STABLE CONNECTION & IPX5 WATERPROOF] The Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures faster and more stable connection and lower power comsuption.The IP55 waterproof certified protects the earbuds against sweat&rain,enables you to keep perfect sporting performance.