April 20, 2021

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Ethical Hacking: Beginners Guide For The I.T. Security Expert

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Have you heard of ethical hacking? Are you curious what a white-hat hacker does? Are you a business owner concerned about your cyber security? Do you want to learn how an ethical hacker can improve your business and where to get started? Do you want to make it’s a good fit for you before you before you get certified? Enough of the 21 questions – if you answered yes to any of the questions continue reading.
Every day, the press reports of new cyber-attacks. Traditional crime now has its place online, and extensive hacks such as that experienced by Yahoo and Equifax have awakened the need for many companies to improve cybersecurity protocols. Many will just hire a new security chief and update their systems, but more and more companies are looking to hire ethical hackers. An ethical hacker is an IT security expert who searches for and exploits vulnerabilities in the organization’s computer network to gain unauthorized access. It is also identified as penetration testing. The process is conducted on behalf of company executives who are trying to figure out how to fill security gaps that malicious hackers might exploit sometime. Ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, are in direct opposition to black hats, a term used to refer to people who built malware to cause harm. White hats hackers are a real asset for organizations because they put themselves in the shoes of a pirate to understand how they act and to protect themselves from them. They understand the techniques that criminals might use to gain access to corporate networks to deploy malware. A big difference, however, is that instead of exploiting these vulnerabilities; they check and track their activity and offer practical advice for securing computer systems. Ethical hackers play an important rule and they are real assets because of their expertise. They carry vast knowledge to check IT departments; however, these experts are talented to test all the areas of a company’s infrastructure and test them against different methods of cyber-attack such as a DDoS attack. Often, an organization’s protection flaws are due to inadequate system administration, unknown software or hardware vulnerabilities, and operational deficiencies. From an internal perspective, these weaknesses can be tough to detect and control. However, as experts in external penetration testing, ethical hackers can detect them more easily. By using an ethical hacker, the companies put all their security protocols in the hands of an individual. If any hacker decides to reveal the flaws found, they would be at the mercy of cyber-attack. Several white hats hackers were involved in the hacking activities earlier that use their expertise to protect businesses, rather than exploit them. Their past activities are cause for concern, their sincerity stems from recognized qualifications and the endorsement of national cybersecurity organizations. For example, in the UK, all ethical hackers must obtain the approval of the National Cybersecurity Center before they can search for flaws in an organization. Cybersecurity must remain a priority for businesses forever. Ethical hackers are real allies for businesses.
Many successful companies have personal and propitiatory data they must protect. However, many get their weaknesses exploited by hackers if their cyber security is not up to date. You can fall behind the curve quickly in this changing landscape and fall victim to data breaches.
The information in this eBook will strengthen your understanding in ethical hacking and help you easily learn up-to-date strategies faster and better. Challenge yourself by implement the strategies in this eBook and begin your journey to becoming an I.T. security expert.