July 24, 2021

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Hacking with Kali Linux: A Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Hacking with Kali & Cybersecurity, Includes Linux Command Line, Penetration Testing, Security Systems and Tools for Computer

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(as of Mar 20,2021 03:43:14 UTC – Details)

Feel that informatics is indispensable in today’s world? Ever wondered how a Hacker thinks? Or do you want to introduce yourself to the world of hacking?

The truth is… Hacking may seem simple. The hacker just has to guess someone’s password. He logs into their email. Then he can go whatever he wants. In reality, is much more complicated than that.

Hacking with Kali Linux is going to teach you how hackers’ reasons. Besides understanding the reasons that make a hacker want to target your computer, you will also get to know how they can do it and even how you can safeguard your systems, equipment, and network against hacking attacks.

You will, by the end of this book, understand how their systems work, how to scan, and how to gain access to your computer.

By the time you come to the end of this book, you will have mastered the basics of computer hacking alongside many advanced concepts in social engineering attack mechanisms.

You will learn:

  • An Introduction to the Hacking Process with Practical Instructions
  • 4 Reasons why Hackers Prefer Linux
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Install Kali Linux ( and Use it )
  • Penetration Testing along with Practical Examples
  • Effective Techniques to Manage and Scan Networks
  • Why Proxy Servers are so Important to Become Anonymous and Secure
  • Powerful Algorithms used in Cryptography and Encryption
  • How to Effectively Secure your own Wireless Network

Plenty of books about Hacking with Kali Linux do not satisfactorily cover crucial concepts. This book will provide you a platform to be a better student, security administrator, or penetration tester. Kali Linux was made by hackers, for hackers, so there’s no doubt that it is a must-have for those interested in Hacking.

Even if you’ve never used Linux and you have no experience in Hacking and Cybersecurity, you will learn it quickly, with a step-by-step process.

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