June 14, 2021

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THE HACKING STARTER KIT: An In-depth and Practical course for beginners to Ethical Hacking. Including detailed step-by-step guides and practical demonstrations.

Price: ₹ 192.00
(as of Mar 30,2021 14:50:34 UTC – Details)

Take on Ethical Hacking at Your Own Pace Without Having to go Through Plain Impractical Textbooks.

What if you had a Hacking course tailored to your needs as a beginner with walkthroughs and visual examples? Imagine how that would speed up your learning process and would decrease your learning curve. Would such a guide help you to accomplish your short term and long term goals when it comes to Hacking? Well it did for thousands of students already!

Let me Introduce you to Code Addicts, a platform that thrives on the passion of creating courses and informational products to help beginners and intermediate programmers to get to their goals. Code Addicts is built on people with extensive experience in the Computer Science field that share a passion for giving back. This time they have taken the challenge to create a stunning course to help you from a script kiddy to a scripting Super Saiyan.

In this course you’ll learn:

-How professional hackers set up their hacking lab
-Learn how to leverage Kali Linux and Python
-How the Pros hack into Local windows systems with Python Scripts
-Learn how you can hack wireless networks

And a lot more!

Buy this book NOW and Take on Ethical Hacking at your own pace without having to go through plain impractical textbooks.

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