June 15, 2021

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Ethical Hacking: Learn Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity with Advanced Ethical Hacking Techniques and Methods: 1

Price: ₹ 1,895.00
(as of Mar 19,2021 16:16:13 UTC – Details)

Have you always been curious about hacking? Have you also had a misconception about the term Ethical Hacking? Would you like to learn more about ethical hacking using a powerful operating system called Kali Linux? Do you aspire to start an ethical hacking career someday? Then this is the right book to help you get started.

This book will prove to be a valuable source of knowledge, especially when you want to learn a lot about ethical hacking in a short amount of time. This treasure trove of knowledge will teach you about the power of Kali Linux and how its tools can help you during every stage of the penetration testing lifecycle.

If you want to launch yourself into the world of ethical hacking and want to use Kali Linux as the most used tool in your toolkit, this book will definitely serve as your launchpad. The book is designed to consider first time Kali Linux users and will take you through a step by step guide on how to download and install Kali Linux. The book is also designed to help existing Kali Linux users learn advanced techniques concerning the use of Kali Linux in the penetration testing lifecycle and the ethical hacking domain.

The tools surrounding the Kali Linux operating system in this course will help you get a first impression of the ethical hacking profile and will also serve as a platform to launch you into the world of information security. The book will take you through:

  • An overview of hacking
  • Terminologies of hacking
  • Steps to download and install Kali Linux
  • The penetration testing lifecycle
  • Dedicated chapters on the five stages of the penetration testing lifecycle viz. Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploitation, Maintaining Access, and Reporting
  • And a bonus chapter on Email Hacking

The book has been designed for you to understand hacking and Kali Linux from its foundation. You will not need to complete the entire book to start with a practical performance on Kali Linux. Every chapter of the penetration testing life cycle is a module in itself, and you will be in a position to try out the tools listed in them as you finish each chapter. There are step-by-step instructions and code snippets throughout the book that will help you get your hands dirty on a real Kali Linux system with the completion of each chapter. So here’s hoping that this book helps you find the appetite to become an ethical hacker someday soon! Click the Buy Now button to get started now.