June 18, 2021

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An Ethical Guide To WI-FI Hacking and Security

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WiFi is everywhere, it s a buzzword technology in today’s world. We use WiFi at home, work place and public hotspots such as Airport, Trains, and Hotels etc. As use of WiFi is getting increased over days, the risks/crimes regarding WiFi are also getting high. Guide to WiFi Hacking and Security will make you aware about the threats to WiFi and it will also help you to secure your wireless networks and keep your information safe. This book will introduce you different tools and techniques used by hackers to penetrate the WiFi and will teach you how to defend against same. Using this book – identify and evade key threats across Wireless Networks. Understand how hackers hack into different Wireless Networks and how to implement best wireless security practices. Learn Wireless Security in depth from home networks to enterprise wireless networks. Starts from very basics and wrap up with advanced contents in Wireless Network Security. Inside this book for you: Basics of Wireless Security Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology Wireless Sniffing Wardriving Wireless Honeypots Attacks on Open, WEP, WPA/2 Personal Networks Attacks on WPA/WPA2 for non-dictionary pass phrases Attacks on WPA Enterprise Networks SSL MITM Over Wireless Hacking Router Firmware Bluetooth Hacking and Security The story of a young soul who dared to dream and whose patriotic passions were ignited only to be let down by the societal dynamics. A soul which places the love of motherland over its own body. An experiment which every Indian hopes will succeed.